Christine Haynes Chic and Simple Sewing Tie Shoulder Shift Dress LBD

Once again, Pinterest has inspired me to create another frock.
There is a distinct and unique addictive quality to Pinterest, which I never thought possible. But especially so from the point of sewing.
I am bombarded daily with simple tutorials and picturesque, filtered images of fancy frocks I just want to make myself. And that's how this happened.

I saw this picture and loved the simplicity and the contrasting textures of the silky bow and crepe dress:

It was and is a ridiculously simple pattern so I started searching my pattern stash for something similar and stumbled across this Tie Shoulder Shift Dress in Christine Haynes's book Chic and Simple Sewing. It was not exactly what I wanted but I knew I could use the proportions of the basic block and adapt it for what I needed (wanted...)
I used only the main back and front pieces as I didn't want the neck tie to be encased like in the original pattern, but exposed like in my pinspiration. Instead I just added a couple of inches of length into the neckline which I hemmed and folded down to create a simple casing for the neck tie, which I created using lovely silky fabric from John Lewis (it was expensive but I only had to buy 20cm, so worth it!)

I also decided to make my bow smaller than the original inspiration as I know I'd find a massive bow irritating. I am thrilled that I now have my own handmade LBD so I can parade around feeling very Hepburn-esque!

Overall I think this baggy simple shift dress will be perfect for the very to weather we are bound to experience at some point this summer, as it is cool and gives a lovely draft due to its roominess. 

In other, slightly random news, I have been making two winter coats of late in preparation for autumn. I have learnt to make my first welt pockets, and am glowing with pride and the general crispness of it all :)

Anyone else already excited for AW14?!?

Oh, the sewing...
That's all for now, thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o