Me Made May- day 31!

May is finished! I am writing this post of the first warm morning of June and I really can't believe it, time flies, indeed.
I spent the last day if May with my friend C, actually not feeling 100% thanks in no small part to my womb, having a lovely day regardless of my ailments. We went for an amazing lunch at one of out fave caf├ęs The Terrace, where they have an astronomical selection of sandwiches. We then went for a walk along the river to Surbiton where we explored the many awesome charity shops it boasts, stopping in yet another cafe along the way, naturally :) they always have such awesome yarn bombing there, just love it's cute villagey feel in London. They also FYI, filmed Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at the train station here, but called it something ridiculous like Littlepuddingbottom. But the sign still said Surbiton, naturally. 

In the evening I cooked us a green vegan feast of pesto, spring onion, mushroom and leek pasta with a crispy green veg salad, which was bloody good, if I do say so myself! We also watched the ridiculous film Wanderlust, to match our vegan meal.

I wore:
Me Made dress, a hybrid between Lisete Simplicity 1419 and Salme 142
H&M biker jacket
Topshop shoes

That's all for today and for Me Made May 2014! I've loved discovering so many new crafty blogs this year. Thank you so much for reading and come back soon for some more self made fashion fun :) happy sewing x o x o