My picnic blanket skirt- simplicity 2215

Recently, gingham seems to be gaining popularity across many different clothing retailers.
I can really see why because as a fabric, is conjures up so many images in your mind. My main thought when wearing gingham is nostalgia, for school dresses and table cloths past. But women are wearing these trusted checks in numerous badass ways and my friend C wore a gorgeous black and white gingham check midi skirt on a trip to Home Park recently which inspired me to get stitching my own. 

After gathering some pinspiration, of course...

I used Cynthia Rowley 2215 for the basic skirt blocks but repositioned the pleats so as to match the checks onto the waistband, cos I'm fancy like that these days.
 I also recently used this pattern for my just-a-peek skirt, it's a fab, chic basic for building a wardrobe of flattering skirts!

When I wear my new gingham skirt I have been told I look like I am a cowgirl or that I am going on a picnic. I like this a lot because it means gingham does not just hold memories for me, but it holds many varied and whimsical connotations in the minds of many.

I hope you like my skirt, I may go and indulge in a picnic wearing a Stetson now...
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o