Quick and easy DIY- Pompom shorts customisation

Pinterest has a lot to answer for when it comes to my wardrobe. I feel I can blame a large part of it's bulging-at-the-seams-ness on zany projects inspired by beautiful tanned girls popping up on my Pinterest homepage. Pompom hot pants are no exception.

They are just so cute! Somehow the pom-poms make the shorts less sexy and more just plain cute, which is perfect for me as I have an aversion to sexy and revealing clothing. Cute for the win.

For this simple customisation project I bought a bargain pair of hotpants from primark for a bargain £5. Crazy! They are in fairness the simplest, tiniest polyester shorts known to man. They had many different patterns but, as it's primark, there was little left in my size. I chose this interesting black, white and blue print which I feel works quite nicely for summer. I wanted to add on black pom-poms but fabricland stocked only bright and colourful ones, so I went for blue in the interests of slight coordination. I bought 2metres costing a total of £1.80, and had a teeny piece left over. Evidently the circumference of my thight is greater than I had previously imagined, but hey :)

I basically just sewed the pom-poms along the inside edge of the short legs, using a coordinating thread. I am pretty pleased with the results, I have been nosing at lots of such shorts in topshop as well but sadly my budget inky stretches to topshop when a sale in on.

Hope you like!  Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o