My first happy customer! The midi just-a-peek skirt for Maria!

I recently made a decision to use some of my summer holidays to try my hand at sewing for other people. In some weird alternate universe I would love to sew clothes all day for a living, but alas this has yet to become a reality for me, and luckily I enjoy my sensible job as a teacher just fine! But that will not stop me making some lovely things for other people...

Ever since my GCSE and Alevels in textiles I have really enjoyed working to a specific brief. My lovely friend Maria came with one such brief!
She saw my recent  post on my just-a-peek skirt, and asked me to make her a midi version.

Inspired by this lovely pic in Pinterest:

This is what I came up with:

And here is the beautiful Maria modelling her new skirt:

I gave her the skirt during a lovely day together, lunching in South Kensington, wondering about Knightsbridge and spotting Made in Chelsea stars in Sloane Square. We found some incredible wedding shoes for Maria's wedding in Harrods too, dahling!

Potential groom outfit:

Wedding shoooesss

The skirt!

Hope you like my first made to measure garment, where will my new enterprise take me!?!? Only time will tell!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o