Simplicity 2116- pjs for my favourite boy

I recently saw this amazeballs fabric in ye olde faithful Fabric Land across the street, and couldn't resist making some pjs for the bf in it- how much fun!

I bought a new pyjama pattern (Simplicity 2116) as I foolishly cut my original one to a women's size 8, and needed one for an extra medium man. I cut a medium, he is of for all intensive purposes of medium size, and they fit very well. Very baggy on the legs, but no more than pjs should be. I may even be borrowing them myself!

Hope you like, I'd do a pattern review but they are so ridiculously simple, and the same as all other pj patterns, that it would seem rather pointless.

Just look how flexible they are!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing! X o x o

Thank you flowers <3