Two pieces for my second ever customer! The Amanda dress and the nautical circle skirt

So, as mentioned previously I have started my own little line in bespoke skirts and dresses, and having been away for afew days in Finland (expect a post on Finnish sewing and fashion ASAP!) I thought I would update the interwebs with deets of my latest custom ordered makes.

These are both for the same customer, the lovely Amanda. The first piece I have called the Amanda dress, as I designed it for her with no guidance whatsoever! She simply asked me to make her something, and I had no idea where to start! Creative freedom can however give rise to some original ideas and the Amanda dress was born, cute and casual for her work at school. I chose this lovely grey cotton floral print as I felt it would go well with her blonde hair.

After Amanda had seen the dress, she asked me to make a nautical knee length circle skirt, a far more specific brief, which turned out like this:

That's all for today, hope you like Amanda's new wardrobe additions (and incidentally I hope she likes them too- she hasn't seen them yet!), get in touch if you too would like some handmade additions to your wardrobe! 
Thanks for reading and happy sewing
X o x o