Blog hop!

It's blog hop time!

I've been nominated by the talented Zoe of (thank you Zoe! Check out her blog for some beautiful stitchery and dressmaking) and having researched what a blog hop actually is, here I go writing my little bit!

*** Why do I write? ***

I have always loved to write, especially journalistic writing and spent many long summer holidays making my own girls magazines. Writing is very therapeutic and I am a compulsive list writer both at work and in my own time. I adore magazines and they remind me very much of blogs in their style, which is probably why I started reading and enjoying blogs from around the world. I started blogging myself primarily as a way to record my projects when I changed from being an occasional sewer to having a nearly entirely hand sewn wardrobe! I also really enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and would like to hope my blog has given a couple of people an idea, or advice, somewhere along the line. I think part of why I enjoy 'cataloging' my makes on my blog is my OCDness, I like to know things in their entirety and I am never happy knowing only part of a story. I also hate losing things to an unhealthy degree! When I cannot find something I find it very hard to focus on anything else until it has been located.

*** What am I working on? ***

I am currently working my way through Tilly's patterns from her book Love at First Stitch, and have already made my own Megan dress and Mimi blouse, both of which I ADORE. Such amazing style throughout every inch of her book, I just can't explain how much I love it! Next on the sewing table (or floor, in my case) is the Delphine skirt and the Lilou dress, probably both in my latest obsession polka dots. I am also very slowly working through a winter coat for 2014/15, this year a bright pea green Simplicity 2311.

*** How does your blog differ from others of its genre? ***

To be honest, I don't think it does much! I think I do try and make reference to current trends in my sewing and reflect what's on the highstreet in my own way. I also like to look to movies for inspiration, which may me different to others! I also prattle on about my life more than others, so sorry about that difference :)

*** How does your writing process work? ***

Usually I will begin with a finished project as I tend to not blog so much about the process, rather review the entire project in the pattern review at the end of it. I also really enjoy taking part in blog challenges, such as Me Made May, One week one pattern and Wardrobe architect project, and these often get me thinking about my wardrobe and my sewing in a more critical and interesting way, often resulting in far more positive sewing experiences, and more interesting blog posts to read!

*** My nominations! ***

Lucy at, who does amazing illustrations which always put a smile on my face, and which I also want to one day see on a fabric! Lucy is equally as lovely, neigh MORE lovely, in real life!
Adora at, who has a beautiful blog full of fashion inspiration and ALSO a beautiful Instagram which turns me green with envy at how unpicturesque my life is in comparison!

That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o x