October inspirations

This month sees many changes, hopefully the weather growing colder as I am sick of this autumnal heat! I also hope to sew myself some more of Tilly's wonderful patterns and continue to build a handmade wardrobe that is worn with ease on a daily basis. I want to wear tartan, polka dots and striped tee shirts, with colourful wollen tights. This month will also see me continue to obsess over my new pompom makers and create yet more of these little woollen joys. Most excitingly this month sees my first trip across the Atlantic to San Francisco- eeekk! Coinciding with my first ever American Halloween, double eeekk! I hope this will be a magucal month full to the brim with inspiration, wool, frost, holiday fun and pumpkins!

All photos from Pinterest.

That's all for today, what is inspiring you this month?
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o x