Self drafted grey marl swing dress

Well pleased with this one!
Actually drafted the pattern myself (can't be too pleased with myself as jersey is so forgiving as far as fit is concerned, and the pattern is pretty basic!)
I was inspired by all the cosy, comfy, baggy, swingy jumper dresses I've seen in shops such as topshop recently. I particularly like the 'tent' or 'swing' shape which is tight on the arms and bust then flares out very wide across the body. It's also suddenly so cold and I'm craving cosy, stretch jersey to cuddle up in.

So here is my handmade version!

Hope you like, it's super warm, cosy and comfy. I wore it to work today and I felt so comfortable and able to just 'get on' with my job, and it was the Christmas concert today so a crazy busy day was had by all!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing! x o x o