Winter is nearly over! Here is what I have made...

ISo, today I rather optimistically changed around my winter clothes and created a 'spring wardrobe' by combining jumpers with nice bright skirts and dresses. Imaginative.
In the process of removing all my sparkly, woollen and black clothes from the wardrobe I realised that so many of my recent makes had not yet made it to the blog!
So here it is, a big photo dump of recent wintery stitchery...

First, some party season sparkles! Inspiration firstly:

This super simple dress was surprisingly slow to make due to the sequins periodically smashing my needle. Also, I first put sleeves on by changed my mind and instead bound the armholes with some nude stretchy sheer dancing tulle. I also decided to change the original satin neck binding for the same stretchy tulle, and even changed the hem so it too is bound in the same way! This unpicking was a slow, somewhat painful process as I had to take it easy so as to minimise sequin loss, but I am now totally satisfied with my finished product. I think I will wear this dress again soon, when I have a similarly sparkly do to attend (this frocks first outing was New Years Eve).

This next party dress has not yet had it's first outing, as I was going to wear it to my work do but then realised it was just a little too revealing (ahem). The dress is a hybrid between Simplicity 1641 for the bodice and Salme 142 for the skirt. 

I was inspired by (aka I sort of ripped off) a lovely green velvet Topshop playsuit.

Here's my version:

Thirdly the last party piece of the season- Lordy it's only another Salme 142! This time in a classy gold brocade...

This is a super quick, cheap and cheerful make and is what I actually ended up wearing to the aforementioned work do. I discovered just before the party I didn't have any party shoes, and had to wear this outfit with chunky black Topshop boots, but never mind. Super cheap party outfit which avoids any depilation at all- win win! 

Sadly I didn't look as badass as these chicks, but oh well...

Next on to some more practical and cosy winter makes. I have always loved jumper dresses in the winter and this year was the first year I ever made my own from scratch. I chose Burda 6848 as it was the only jumper dress pattern I could find that I actually liked, and the fit turned out to be really lovely and cosy.

 I made one in this zig zag print brown woolly cosy jersey, and another in black cosy jersey with little sequins dotted randomly across. I would really recommend this pattern for a simple little cosy jumper dress that's still chic and close fitting. 

From one LBD to another, this dress was inspired by my Japanese pattern book, Casual Sweet Clothes.

 I decided I didn't need to trace the pattern but simply adapted old favourite New Look 6068 to include a lace panelled sleeve. I also added in a little elastic waist to give it more shape. I look forward to wearing this with little sandals in the warm weather.

Lastly a lonely top. I always decide I should make more tops and fail to do so as tees are so cheap to buy and shirts are such a pain to make. But this top was different to any others I've seen in the shops and was inspired by this chic APC top I saw on Pinterest. 

I decided to use Burda 6850 but lengthened it as I didn't want it too cropped. This little top was not worn many times this winter but added a little tartan burst of festive spirit to otherwise simple outfits and for that I am pleased I stitched it.

To illustrate this garment to you, here I am looking like someone has just pinched my bottom.

That's all for today. I hope you like my wintery makes and are looking forward to the summer as much as I am! Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o