Nude Pink Lace Midi Skirt

Another midi skirt! I just couldn't help myself but make another. This one is very different in its style either it's soft and super feminine lace and scalloped edge. My inspiration:
From left:,,

I really did fall for this fabric as soon as I saw it. It was I think £8 per meter in fabricland but I only needed to buy one meter as it's very wide at 150cm. Initially I inserted an invisible zip which looked better but kept jamming up around the lacy parts so had to replace it with a bog standard boring zip which doesn't look as great but at least it's not slowly chewing up my skirt like the invisible one was.

I didn't used a pattern for this as it's simple two rectangles of lace, two shorter rectangles of lining and a simple rectangular folded and interfaced waistband. I used a cotton lining which feels lovely against bare skin in the warm weather. 

This skirt is never being worn to work as most things which are end up covered in paint, which may ruin the fairy tale look of this skirt somewhat.

I chose to wear my new insanely 90s silver and white chunky sandals, a very old denim jacket from H&M about 10 years ago and a basic striped tee from primani. My necklace is a tiny golden pineapple, naturally.

That's all for today, hope you like the lace! Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o