Me Made May- Days 23-25

Saturday 23rd
A trip to the North! How very GOT of us. It was a short but nauseous train ride to Macclesfield where the bfs folks reside in a beautiful country house. We enjoyed strolls around the garden and fields admiring sheep and cows, sitting in the rare northern sunshine, eating lots of delicious treats and finished the day with dinner at Yuzu in Manchester.

Find out more about Yuzu here:

I wore: New Look 6069 shift dress with Topshop shoes, Tatty Devine necklace, Primark bag and a H&M jacket

Sunday 24th
Sunday bf's nan came over and we had a lovely Sunday roast. I was treated to a range of baby pictures and stories and drank a little too much champagne, although it did make the journey back far less ropey. Bf gave me a brilliant hand tat and I did lots of sketches to pass the time.

In the evening I watched the brilliant A Bout De Souffle and admired Jean Seburg's effortless striped tee shirt style. 

I wore: Simplicity 1370 skirt, H&M tee, Tatty a Devine necklace and my red Simplicity 1759 coat (not pictured)

On the long train ride home we also discovered this:


Monday 25th
Bank holiday hoorah! Bf and I enjoyed a lie in followed by lunch at my favourite restaurant Riverside Vegetaria. We then went on a lovely long walk through Home Park where we were wildlife spotters and saw deer, gorgeous goslings, rabbits, herons and even baby morehens which are the smallest cutest birds I have ever seen. In the evening we watched the new Game of Thrones, I blogged a little and worked on two dress- one red tulip and one pink dip dyed linen. 

To find out more about Riverside Vegetaria visit:

I wore: Simplicity 1382 with Topshop sandals and here I am with lots of lovely deer.

That's all for today. As we approach the end of Me Made May I hope everyone is still having lots of fun! Which is your favourite outfit?
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o