Me Made May Days 3 & 4

Long weekend fun! 
Sunday 3rd was a lazy day hanging with the bf, stitching, blogging and watching Twin Peaks and Game of Thrones.
I wore: New Look 6065 striped dress, vintage scarf, Tatty Devine necklace and Sweedish Hasbeen clogs.
Game of Thrones has really inspired my stitching, along with the brilliant French Renoir movie, as I am craving more romantic styles.

I decided to sew a pretty little top with a sort-of peplum with this romantic theme in mind, and went for Burda 6761 which has a bit of the medieval fell to it. I am pleased with how it came out although it's a very loose fit and I had to raise the shoulders quite a bit. Overall though I really like the style of this top and I think it'll be lovely in hot weather.

And there is the top in action on Bank Holiday Monday 4th!
I wore- striped Burda 6761 with Tatty Devine necklace and Primark trousers and sandals.

Monday was of course the annual May Merrie here in sunny Kingston and we were treated to Morris dancing and much gaiety. We also drunk wine on the river and had a lovely lunch with chums :)

In the evening I finished my second Renoir inspired sew, my New Look 6483 adapted to have a sailor collar- yay! I feel so Edwardian.

 I altered my pattern with this guide from

Overall, totes ready to be an Edwardian lady!

That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing! X o x o