Pompom crown and hair bands

Ever since World Pomination at the Handmade Fair last September I have been completely obsessed with pom-poms. I made a necklace first and then started making lots of different coloured poms to turn into a garland, which is still a work in progress!

The pompom makers I use are Clover brand and I have the small set.
You can buy them here:

Whilst in Topshop the other day I saw gorgeous pompom hair bands for £6 each, which seemed to me to be a little steep. So on my return home I got crafty with my amazing Clover pompom makers and crafted me own pompom hair bands. It is literally as simple as leaving the threads long when you tie up your pom at the end and tying them to a hair band you already own. Since taking this photo I've also made some nice big multicoloured pastel pompom hair bands which are beautiful.

I then decided to take it a step further.
I have always wanted to wear a flower crown on my wedding day, and wear a dress of my own making, and I aspire to look something like this:

But I decided that too many people wear flower crowns and I want to be different. So with that in mind I started work on my pompom crown which turned out like this:

I simply arranged the poms as I wanted them and then wrapped the long strings (left over from being tied around the middle of each pom) around an old thin elastic head band. Finally I secured each with a couple of knots. In all honestly I have never felt prettier. So it is settled, when I eventually get married it will be in a me-made lace gown with a pompom crown (I'll make a better one when I actually get engaged, this was just made quickly infront of Game of Thrones!)

That's all for today. If you have yet to try a pompom maker I would strongly advise you to invest in these beauties and make your own pompom dreams come true!
Thanks for reading and happy winding x o x o