Me Made May- a summary

In May 2015 I wore:
15 me made dresses

8 me made skirts

2 me made coats

 5 me made tops

And one lonely me made scarf and pair of trousers

 I have only just realised the psychotic productivity of my May. I ordinarily sew about two garments a month. This May I churned out ten garments for myself, continued with the bridesmaids dress project and made a frock for Clare. WTF!?! How I managed this whilst managing to maintain my work and social lives I do not know. I suppose a half term holiday would have helped matters along. Regardless, these are the things I made: 

Before writing this post I compared my outfit collages with those of previous years and lolled. My style has changed drastically from last year with a great deal more colour being injected into my wardrobe. Compared to the year before that, a great deal more skill can be seen in my garments I am producing now compared to then and I do feel properly proud now of what I am capable of creating having honed my skills through regular/obsessive practise. Not to brag ya know! 

Looking forward I hope to continue to take my wardrobe in a yet more trend oriented direction and some things I intend to sew include:
 A really fun digital print neoprene dress with cut outs for nights out, a loose and flowy unlined summer coat, a sweatshirt with contrast sleeves, a faux suade mini skirt or dress with button up front, an off the shoulder striped frock, a neoprene midi skirt, super comfy dropped waist dress for lazy summer days and lastly a black dress with wide lace hem. We will see how many of these items actually come into fruition as let's be honest I will be lucky to get to wear just two of these before summer is out. 

The biggest lesson of #mmm15 is that I need a new sewing machine ASAP! And am about to go order one from good old Argos so later potata! Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o