DIY White Pompom Shorts- New Look 6100

Hello internet! It's been so long since I last posted. The last half term at school is always pretty manic and although sewing was still happening (obvs)  blogging took somewhat of a backseat. But now summer break is upon us and I wanted to share some of the lovely summer stitching I have been up to. 
I have recently really got into the colour white as it has such a lovely summer vibe. I decided to make a second pair of pompom shorts using beautiful viscose suiting is found in Fabricland. It's perfect for this project as it somehow is not in the slightest bit transparent, unlike most white or pale fabrics.

First some pinable inspo:
This is how I will look in my shorts, obvs, ahem...

I used New Look 6100 as I have made some of these shorts before in a black paisley for the winter and I love them! It's a lovely quick and simple sew which is very flattering and easy to wear. They sit quite high on the waist and look cute with a top tucked in.

And here are my finished shorties! With a little Primani vest tucked in and my John Lewis handbag with lovely yellow plastic handles (this is meant to be a knitting bag but I am ever the rebel). My necklace is Topshop circa 2010.

That's all for today, give this pattern a go if you are after super comfy summer shorties that are flattering and pretty to boot. Who doesn't love a pompomed bottom? Not me fo sho.
Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o