Autumn Winter 2015 Wardrobe Sewing

The only way I can look forward to being cold and enduring autumn and winter is by sewing adorable clothes I am excited to snuggle up in each morning. Also thinking about Christmas helps, but makes January and February even bleaker in comparison. I am very much a summer girl and love being able to throw on my little cotton sundress and sandals and head outside to have fun. My problem is that in the winter getting dressed takes ages because firstly you have to out on so very many layers, and secondly getting dressed in the cold and dark is extremely unappealing and I avoid taking off my clothes when it is below 15degrees (which in the UK is roughly 80% of the time).

So as we approach September I begin to think about what clothes I have already sewn which I want to crack our again for another season and also what needs/wants to be made now.

From my current wardrobe these items will definitely be rearing their heads again as they are time tested for cosines and prettiness.

That's a pretty hefty winter wardrobe already!
But there are a couple of pieces I want to sew to 2015ify it:

Number 1: the military jacket
When I was a tennage girl I had a black velvet military style jacket which was super fitting with cool gold buttons double breasted all down the front. I was in love with this jacket but in a mad moment one day I decided to clear out my wardrobe and along with my yellow nylon mini dress this jacket bit the dust. I rarely, if ever, regret giving things to charity, but this jacket is the exception to that rule. 
Then whilst purchasing my Gutterman thread for my sewing machine the other day I noticed in Johnny Lewis this amazeballs jacket from the Somerset a House collection:
I think I will use Simplicity 2149 for this project in view F without the frilly cuffs.
Or possible Skmplicity 2285 in view A, although I don't think it would be fitted enough to give the look I'm after.
Wouldn't these be adorable down the front, with subtle gold piping too... 

 Number 2: black floral dresses of all sorts
I love a dress and in the winter I love black. I recently made this pattern hack of Lisette for Simplicity 1419 which I fell in love with and will style with a tight black polo neck underneath and black tight and boots for winter.

And so I am imagining one or two more dresses which are black with flowers in different cuts.

Number 3: jumpers, polo necks and jumper dresses. Simply put, I love to be warm. I'd also like to make a jumper with a hi lo hem.


Simplicity 1317 would be ideal for making cosy jumpers.

Number 4: brushed cotton, denim and needle cord shirts/shirt dresses. For yet more cosines.

Number 5: camel coat and tartan scarf. Just lovely. Oh an a faux fur stole, obvs.


So that's all for today! Let me know what your plans are for your autumn winter wardrobe and if you have any top tips for me sewing any of these items mentioned here!
Thanks for reading and happy autumnal sewing x o x o