Top Five Instagram Sewing Style Icons

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am more than a little into Instagram. I find it a great way to keep ill to date with current trends and see them styled by your favourite beautiful and stylish ladies of a instagram. I thought I would share with you my top five insta-fashion inspirations here on ze blog for you to peruse and like you way through at your leisure. While you are at it why not check out my Instagram for more DIY fun and frolics @rosabellaangelica.

Of course, all of these images belong to the instagramers, not to me, so I left their names at the top of each picture to give them photo credit.

Number 1: @livpurvis. If you want serious wardrobe envy alongside impossibly twee and pretty pastel lifestyle snaps then this chick is the one to follow. There is something about her simple style which is so appealing to me and always against such inspiring backgrounds (more inspiring than our exterior staircase with weird gnome I hear you cry? Impossible.)

Number 2: @camillamackintosh. If you are under 30 and have lived in a shared house in the last 7 years despite your better judgement you have most likely seen the show Made in Chelsea. However, whatever your feelings towards this car crash of a show it cannot be denied that Millie Machintosh (heir to Quality Street- well jel) has some devine outfits worth swooning over and some interesting celebrity friends worth having a nose at on her instafeed. She also goes on incredibly picturesque holidays which will make any fellow teachers out there reach for the unfollow button in bleakest January.

Number 3: @cherryhealey. Back when I was a student we used to love watching Cherry's shows as she was just so freakin adorable. She does not post a huge amount of style inspiration but when she does it is lovely and she also shares interesting snaps of her working on upcoming projects we can look forward watching in the not too distant future as well as pictures of her ridiculously cute family. 

Number 4: @vie.domestique. I had to include some fellow handmade chicks in this top five and if I were to exchange wardrobes with any other stitcher it may have to be the tres French, chic, charming and many more adjective deserving @vie.domestique. I particularly like what she does with African printed cottons. See her beautiful pencil skirt below. 

Number 5: @apairandaspare. I recon many of you will be familiar with the blog but her Instagram is freakin incredible as well. No other insta-feed will make you want to get a fake tan and hop on a plane more than this. She, like vie.domestique, is also a fellow diy-er and lots of her outfits she provides detailed instructions for how to make on her blog which is grand! Her style is beautiful, laid back and overall exactly how I would like to look on a hot tropical holiday. Alas I am a realist. Never mind. 

That's all for today folks. Sorry the writing of this post is fairly lazy and brief, I wrote this post an hour ago but my app helpfully deleted it for me so I have written it twice which is never a recipe for good writing. But whatever, the pictures from these babes speak for themselves. 
Who are your Instagram faves? Let me know if there's anyone good I should be following! And don't forget to check out my pretty snapshots if you fancy it @rosabellaangelica.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o