How to: Make a Pinafore

I have made a pinafore using this simple hack before. Post Clueless marathon I stitched this tartan dream last year.

As much as I like this pinny and still have it in my wardrobe tbh tartan is not entirely versatile.
And so, a corduroy pinny was born! 

I mean, who doesn't love the 90s?
I hunted for a pattern for a pinny that was just right but could not find one. So instead I made my own using Salme 142 skirt pattern which you can download here.

Fancy stitching your own pretty pinny? Here's how:

1. Measure a rectangle the width and height you want the front bib of your pinny to be. I wanted mine to be 7 1/2 inches wide and 10 1/2 inches long so I cut two pieces of corduroy this size (one for the lining) plus seam allowance.
2. Measure two long strips of corduroy the length you need your straps by 3inchs wide, plus seam allowance 
3. Fold your straps in half lengthways and sew straight down the raw edges, forming two log tubes. Turn the right way round to form your straps.
4. Pin your straps to the right side of one of your pinny fronts in each corner. Place the lining piece over the top and sew around 3 edges, leaving the bottom open. Trim seam allowances and turn to right side out.
5. Sew your skirt as per instructions. Before inserting waistband sandwich the pinny front inbetween the waistband and waistband facing. Stitch and turn right sides out. Do this for the shoulder straps in same manner at the back of the skirt waistband. Attach waistband to skirt 
 6. Hem skirt and insert invisible zip in back. Ta da! A pinafore to impress.

I can't wait to layer my pinny with tight jumpers, striped tees and masculine shirts for winter. I <3 layers obvs.

What's that in the distance...?

That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing.