Handmade 10 Item Wardrobe- Week One

Thus completes the bleakest week of the year, if social media is to be believed. 

Friday 1st January. Like much of the country I spent day one of this year being lazy in pyjamas, but unlike the rest of the country (probably) I was also blogging, eating curry, watching tattoo fixers with the bf and cutting out a stripey rose print frock.

Saturday 2nd January. Bf and I met up with my chum Z for Japanese food in Richmond on a wet and miserable day. After lunch Z and I went window shopping and when I went home I sorted out my capsule wardrobe for January and wrote a blog post.  Afterwards I stitched my rose stripe dress I cut out the previous day using Simplicity 1419. I also decided to order a striped dress knitting kit from Wool and the Gang and I can't wait to improve my knitting skills in 2016. I wore my me made denim pinny with my orange blouse and hybrid coat. My blog also hit 100,000 views on Saturday, woohoo! Thank you to all the wonderful and lovely people who read and comment on my blog, it means so much.
Sunday 3rd January. One last lie in. My heart broke a little this Sunday. I spent the day preparing myself for the new year, hoovering and cleaning the flat and laundering mountains of sheets, towels and clothes. I took down the Christmas tree and shed a little tear. In the afternoon I made a purple corduroy pinny using Simplicity 1370 before curling up with the cat and vogue to avoid the eternal rain. I wore my me made striped jumper (Simplicity 1317) with my me made suede mini skirt (New Look 6346).

Monday 4th January. Back to work. After work I had fun shopping for the fabrics to make a flamingo costume with my work chum for her 30th. I also popped into the John Lewis sale with my voucher and bought some stunning cottons. Their sale was crazy with fabrics starting from £1 per meter. Mental. I wore my me made Simplicity 1370 purple corduroy pinny with my blue M&S polo neck.

Tuesday 5th January. More work etc. I wore my trusty Simplicity 1370 pinny from the previous day with a black long sleeve tee and a big cosy Topshop polo neck to soften the blow of going back to work after a wonderfully relaxed holiday. 

Wednesday 6th January. After work Z and I kept our weekly dinner date which this week was tapas at the delicious Los Molinos in Hammersmith. Really makes the week better knowing you get to have a glass of sangria with a dear friend half way through. It was pretty cold so I layered my M&S polo neck with my panelled dress from Simplicity 1419 and my H&M zip cardigan.

Thursday 7th January. More work of course! I decided to restart the Wardrobe Architect project on Thursday evening so look out for that blog post soon.  I wore the suede button down from New Look 6346 with H&M striped polo neck and my zinny cardigan again. 


Friday 8th January. TGIF baby! I wore the purple pinny AGAIN because clearly I love it with a striped tee and zippy cardigan again. I usually enjoy going out Friday night but this week was so tiring I am spending the night in cutting, stitching and watching GG.

That's all for week one and so far I LOVE my 10 item wardrobe.It makes getting dressed so much easier and I think I've made some pretty cute outfits which keep me toasty. Let me know if you are trying the 10 item wardrobe (handmade or otherwise) and we can help each other along the way! Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o