Handmade 10 Item Wardrobe- Week Three

Monday 18th January 
Back to work in my newly stitched Vogue 9156 coat! Paired with my caramel cashmere polo neck, anthropologie necklace and me made denim pinafore. My bag and boots are trusty Clarks.

Tuesday 19th January

Another work day, this time donning my me-made black corduroy pinny with my green M&S ribbed polo neck. I again wore my new Vogue coat, and actually went on to wear it everyday for the entire week as it is so cosy and this week was freaking freezing! After work I popped to John Lewis to grab some lovely tweed wool for my spring jacket, watch this space! 

Wednesday 20th January 
Donning my favourite panelled black floral dress again, layered with a burgondy polo neck for warmth. I spent the evening making my fancy dress costume for an F themed party. I used New Look 6141 but added a circle skirt for added fanciness, appliquéing on the 'icing' across the bodice front.

Thursday 21st January 
Weekly meet up with my girl Z, this time devouring devine pizzas at Pizzeria Rustica in Richmond. Another day another polo neck, this time pink cashmere with my diy faux suede mini skirt. 

 Friday 22nd January
The day of the F party! After work I made my way home to transform into my french-fanciest self. The birthday girl looked brilliant in her flamingo tutu ensemble and had a great birthday.

In the daytime I wore my me-made corduroy pinny with blue polo neck and Anthropologie necklace.

In the evening, I wore the aforementioned me made french fancy costume!

 For anyone unsure what a French fancy actually is, here is a point of reference for you:

And of course, the fabulous flamingo! I need to get a picture of the birthday modelling this, but for now here is the tutu.

 That's all for today, thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o