Wardrobe Architect Weeks Three and Four: Silhouettes and Shapes

What do I mean when I say “silhouette”?

Just like the shape of each garment emphasizes certain areas of the body through ease and length, putting those garments together into different proportions also creates emphasis.

Once you’ve figured out several silhouettes you like to wear, you can use these as templates for future outfits, and even for planning your capsule wardrobes. I promise, having a list of known silhouettes you love makes wardrobe (and sewing project) planning so much simpler. - Coletterie 

I have decided to combine weeks three and four as they have a similar focus- silhouette, proportion and cut. I tend to be fairly unwavering in this area, loving the same patterns over and over with various different pattern hacks to maintain some degree of interest and variation. I just love knowing the fit is reliable when I cut into a good piece of fabric.

First, the looks for cooler weather.

1. Pinafore, polo neck and boots.

2. Sleeveless dress over a long sleeve top with boots. I often layer with a denim jacket.

3. A-line skirt with a tee, plus polo neck for cooler weather.

4. A tight pol neck with a-line skirt and boots.


And now for warmer weather looks. 

1. Pinafore with a tee and sandals.

2. A shirt dress or other high neck cotton summer dress with sandals 

3. Loose shorts with a tee and sandals.

4. A full skirt with camisole and sandals 

5. An a-line skirt with camisole and sandals 

That's all for today. I found this task very helpful when planning for garments I will actually wear and I would recommend getting your bum on Polyvore and having a go if, like me, you want to reduce wastage and sew fewer things that will be worn only a handful of times in favour of devoting more time crafting outfits that will be worn time and time again.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing x o x o